Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Colts Steal Win Over Pittsburgh

The Indianapolis Colts extended their winning streak against the Pittsburgh Steelers leaving us at 7-4. This means the Cincinnati Bengals move ahead of us to 8-3 after their win against the Ravens. To have any chance of winning in the AFC North we will have to win over the Bengals this Sunday. The Colts defense dominated the game but it was the crowd noise that really effected game. We were having great trouble running the ball and the crowd noise contributed to it. It has been rumored that the noise was artificial and meant to do what it inevitably did to our performance but that seems like fans just wanting something else to blame for the Steelers lack of momentum in the game.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Ravens Who? The Colts Are Coming

Sunday’s loss to the Ravens was a shame, but we are entitled to a bad game with our record. Even Bill Cower agrees that being tied for first with the Bengals is not a bad place to be at this point in the season. What we need to be worrying about is the undefeated Colts whom we are playing next Monday. This game can’t hurt us for getting into the playoffs but if we could secure a win we will be the first to do it all season. Ben Roethlisberger is probably going to be back for the game and Matt Kranchick is going to be back due to Russell Stuvaints’ season ending injury. We have a good chance and a great team right now. This could be our game of the season if we can stay focused and secure the win.